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Almost Skateboards was started in 2003 by Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song after both had ceased participating in their previous companies, Enjoi and Artafact, respectively. Almost Skateboards manufactures skateboard decks using 7-ply, 8-ply and carbon fiber constructions. The decks are bound with Resin epoxy glue. The carbon fiber constructions are included in a number of models, named Impact Support, Double Impact and Über Light. Impact Support Boards. The special composite Carbon Fiber reinforced discs are not only super strong but ultra light and embodied whitin the bottom layer for impact dampening and resistance. This process uses Epoxy Resin anchor adhesion points to fully integrate the disc into the deck without the possibility of separation creating a solid cohesive bond. Double Impact. Performance you can see and feel just got better. Double Impact boards have the same carbon disc’s as our proven Impact Support and we added an entire top sheet of the same material. This allows us to use 6 ply’s which reduces the weight considerably. Double Impact is the most durable board on the market. Uber Light. Deck inside a Deck: This was developed by Rodney Mullen and C.L Composites. After experimenting with many different layups, they arrived at a method using an actual deck within a deck. The internal carbon fiber foam deck is ultra light and nearly as stiff as metal. It acts like rebar, or a skeleton embodied by a standard 7-ply layup. It also vastly improved the lateral rigidity. The deck wears, slides, and looks like a normal 7-ply, but its lighter and has a supernatural pop last lasts far longer than any normal deck.

Almost Skateboards is part of the Dwindle Distribution skate company along with Almost they sell Speed Demons Skateboards, Blind Skateboards, Darkstar Sakteboards, Enjoi Skateboards, Cliche Skateboards, Tensor Trucks and Truegrit.

Dwindle Distribution, based in El Segundo, California, United States (US), was, as of January 2005, the world's largest skateboard company and is a component of Globe International Limited. The company was originally founded by Steve Rocco (together with Rodney Mullen), with its formation recognized as a key event in the creation of a skateboard industry owned by those individuals actively involved in the skateboarding lifestyle.

Dwindle's Manufacturing division is called DSM. DSM was built under the direct supervision of active professional skaters with the intent of capturing and translating the nuances of their personal decks into both procedures and specialized equipment. This increased sensitivity to subtleties enables DSM to deliver these thightened tolerances straight to the general public so they get exactly what the pro's actually ride with complete consistency.

Translating the feel of a skateboard into both protocol and materials is a delicate process, hinging on communication. One of DSM's major strengths is its people, a tight team of seasoned pros who understand manufacturing processes combined with mulit lingual, professionally trained engineers and managers capture what is so often lost in translation, unifying the entire process down to the workers themselves.

Creating an environment where ideas can simply be explored is the most fertile ground for innovation. Rather than putting aside occasional resources to tackle a problem, DSM allots dedicated assts for continual R & D to better pursue its mandate of not only making better skateboard decks, but to evolve the skateboard itself.

Now if this is not enough to want you to grab a Dwindle deck and ride it we here at Boardmart do not know what will.

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