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The Boardmart Story


The idea for Boardmart was conceived in 1994 by Ben Mattox and Michael Tersieff. Michael, a skateboarder and snowboarder, worked for Ben at Alpine Outfitters when snowboarders were starting to show up on the mountain. They recognized that the traditional outdoor ski shop did not appeal to skate and snowboard riders. The shop needed to offer the gear they wanted with staff passionate about board sports. Ben and his wife Jean renovated an old building in Redding’s downtown core and the store opened in the spring of 1995. Boardmart and its employees were instrumental in getting the skate park in Caldwell Park built.

When Ben and Jean decided to retire the store was purchased by long time employee Denise Craig and her sister-in-law Kelli Ercolano in June of 2000. Since then they have tried to keep to the original vision of Michael and Ben. They are die-hard downtown supporters and enjoy their business neighborhood. Small business usually means long hours so many family celebrations have taken place Boardmart. We have celebrated birthdays, Christmases, new babies and many a pickle glow. Denise and Kelli together with their husbands Don and Dave think of the shop as an extension to their homes. Denise and Kelli are extremely grateful to the employees that have taken their business to heart and work to promote board sports in our community. Through the years amazing people have and currently do work at the shop and have become part of the family.