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Boa Technology

Boa Technology

Boa founder Gary Hammerslag started with one big idea to replace traditional shoelaces in snowboard boots with a faster, more convenient method of lacing up.  In 2001, The Boa System was introduced to the world with their first partners, K2 and Vans. Since then Boa has found a home with many partners across a number of different industries.

Their products are featured in millions of snowboard boots on mountains around the world. They fine tune fit in the shoes of the world’s best cyclists. They’re in utility boots that work 60 hours a week and in medical equipment that works 24/7. Boa started with one big idea, and now there are over 83 million Boa dials out there empowering people to go further.

The Folks at Boa are actively involved in the activities that their technology enhances. They are riders, hikers, runners, golfers, and cyclists. They get psyched when it snows. They seek singletrack to ride, emerald green fairways to walk, and endless trails to hike.

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