Carr Fire Take

Carr Fire Take

Hey everyone. Just wanted to give an update to anyone who might be wondering. It seems that if you live in Northern California and particularly the Redding area you likely know several people affected by the devastation of the Carr Fire. Although we still have several smaller fires burning and we are actually in the middle of fire season things in and around Redding are starting to look normal. Skies have cleared. People are cleaning up. Some are even rebuilding already. When you are not helping out your friends, family and neighbors take some time to head to the burned areas.


My little take on this is as destructive as this whole thing has been a part that is overlooked is that fire in part is natural. If it only would stay away from our homes that would be awesome but sadly that is rarely the case.


With that said the forest is already regrowing in many places. Animals and plants are alive and taking hold the way that they do. Going on a small hike or bike ride or even boating in and around Whiskeytown Lake might help you with a different perspective, I hope it does. This landscape is something that with proper management we may never see in our lives again. The norm for us is green lush forests but Mother Nature has other ideas sometimes and needs to push a reset button. Burned areas have their own sense of beauty. The forest have a chance to start anew. So do we.


Lets all get out in the forests the next few weeks and appreciate the new landscape and remember those who fought hard to minimize the damage. We still live in one of the most beautiful places in the country if not the world. Lets enjoy what we have.