Kooks In The Skate Park

Kooks In The Skate Park

How to be a kook.

Being a skateboarder means joining a community, and every community has its own unique etiquette. I’m here to teach you some skate spot no-nos. You could call this the 5 kook commandments. No question, am an authority on this, I spent a-lot of time in my youth pissing off locals and so can you!

1. Bring all your friends who don’t skate. Make sure you travel to all parks with a posse, everyone loves it when some kid blasting crappy music from their bluetooth speaker sits on your favorite ledge. +BONUS POINTS if one of them spills a liquid of their choice in the bowl.

2. Snake everyone. Sit back, and study the lines people are taking, notice how everyone is skating one after another in a very complex order that allows the whole park to be skated without collision? Dive right in buddy, don’t warn anyone and hit that sick carve line right through the middle of the park. +BONUS POINTS for running into someone and blaming them for it.

3. Be the wax guy. Going for a rad 6 inch boardslide on that ledge? Better wax all 10 feet of it. Rails..? Wax. Coping..? Wax. Make sure you don’t ask or tell anyone your about to wax up the whole park. +BONUS POINTS if you wax a feature in mid session.

4. Ride a scooter. If you have to fine just watch out for others. Seriously

5. Name drop. I swear there's always that one dude whose cousin rode with the bones brigade back in the day, or that they use to skate “Steven Hawks” private ramp back in the day when the were AM for “Spitfire Skateboards.”+BONUS POINTS if you also “invented skateboarding” back in the day when they had metal wheels and they had to mold skateboard trucks out of clay and every road was made out of gravel.

Now go have fun out there.
*all injuries and abuse sustained by locals are not the responsibility of www.boardmartredding.com

By T.J.
Some minor editing by Tim