Snowboarding Adventures On Mt. Shasta

Snowboarding Adventures On Mt. Shasta

Mount Shasta is a big mountain. Over all it is actually the biggest  mountain by volume in the Cascade Range. Not the highest just the most massive. It is truly a big mountain. The challenge of climbing Mt Shasta can be whatever you want it to be. Not route is easy but if the conditions are right most people can get to the top with the proper equipment and minimal experience. With that said their are routes to the top that can challenge a seasoned pro. This is not a summit to take lightly but the view is worth it. If you are interested to climbing to the top we suggest you check out one of the several groups like the Shasta Mountain Guides in Mt Shasta who can get you all hooked up with the proper gear and experties to make this a great adventure.

How does that relate to snowboarding. Well the Mt Shasta Ski And Snowboard Park is a great place to start. It may be a small resort and is technically on the foothills and not on the mountain itself but is is still a great place for families and the start to a great day riding. In and around the resort there are a lot of well ridden trails that locals have made that are a blast. Now if you are looking for a bit more adventure you are on the door step to an incredible day.

We can go into detail in later blogs but back country riding on Shasta can be amazing. The most common starting point for people is Bunny Flats and later into the spring when the road is open the Old Ski Bowl is fantastic. From these two points a little experience is recommended. Again this is a technical mountain and the proper gear is required but it is a huge play ground for winter sports enthusiasts.

Earn your turns as back country riders like to remind people. Riding from the top is not very common. This always sounds good but is a little more involved than most need. But do not let that deter you. The terrain at your disposal is as crazy as you want it to be. Even in low snow years the amount of snow on Shasta at this elevation is always surprising .Bunny Flats sits just below 7000ft and the Old Ski Bowl is just above 7800ft. Because of Mt Shasta's presence and surrounding geography it literally creates its own weather leading to massive snow falls at time.

Put this on your bucket list if you are into back country riding. You will not regret it.