Goggles. Whats to see?

Goggles. Whats to see?

gog·gle -ˈɡäɡəl/noun

noun: goggle

  1. eyeglasses with side shields, for protecting the eyes from glare, dust, water, etc.

The etc. includes Winter Conditions. A good goggle will offer protection and also makes it possible to see while barrelling down your favorite mountain. They will also help to keep the top half of your head warm. Depending on your budget there is a frame and lens for every condition.


When it comes to frames you want comfort and a good field of vision. Mulitple layers of foam around the goggle will moisture wick to reduce fogging and provide soft snuggly comfort. Check for good peripheral view and how the frame fits with your helmet (if you”re not wearing a helmet, we're telling your Mom). A good goggle to helmet fit will have few gaps which will also help with fog control. There are frames to fit all types of faces from small to large. Larger frames tend to have a bigger field of vision. If you wear glasses there are Over the Glass options that offer a comfortable fit.


There are more lens options than ever before. Visible Light Transmission (VLT) measures the percentage of light that reaches your eyes through the lens. The goal is to have a lens that provides enhanced contrast for the best possible definition or change in terrain recognition. Lens options for varied conditions:


Sunny: Darker lenses and strong mirrors will shield your eyes from bright sun.

Mixed: Lenses dark enough to shield your eyes from the sun, but offer increased contrast when the sun goes behind a cloud.

Flat: No sun, no problem. Lenses with increased contrast aid visibility on gray days.

Night: Clear lenses that shield your eyes from wind and chill while allowing full vision under the bright lights.


If you are gonna ride no matter the conditions, you may want to consider a goggle with a quick change lens option. This allows you to change your lens on the fly without getting smudgey fingerprints all over the lens.


Cheers – may your winter be cold and filled with powder!