Snowboarder Vs

Snowboarder Vs "Snowboarder" TJ's Take

Snowboarder Vs. “Snowboarder” There are a lot of people who snowboard, about 7.8 million last season in fact, but not all of them are snowboarders. That statement will make sense in a minute. Being a snowboarder isn't about having a snowboard, its not even about being good at snowboarding! Having the best tricks in the park, having the best or newest gear, none of that makes you a snowboarder. It is about the love and its about the dedication.

That guy camped out at the park with all the freshest gear whose blasting 30 foot methods and spraying skiers isn't any more “core” than that dude with an office job who stares out of his window on snow days and has to exit out of the conditions report every time his boss walks by. That girl who gets an hour of two of turns in before grabbing her kids from daycare, the guy who is up at 5 am on a Saturday after working all week just to get the first turns. Those are the real unsung heroes of snowboarding, those are the people I look up to.

Of course I get stoked about the new Jeremy Jones video, or whatever Lib Tech has has posted of T-Rice on Instagram that day, but those guys aren't the reason I have twice as many days as you. Believe me I'm not trying to brag, but as a parent who works and goes to school full time the amount of days I can get on the hill is a source of pride for me, and I'm writing this in an attempt to shine a light on the people who really inspire me.

Those people are the real snowboarders, the weekend warriors of the mountain. The men and women who are out getting turns with their work clothes underneath their snow gear. Maybe they don't have the newest board out, or maybe their bindings are janky. But they're having more fun than any snow snob who only rides pow days. These people make the absolute best out of their limited days, and rain on the weather report just means bring a trash bag.

To conclude this whole thing, the most important factor in determining if someone is a snowboarder or not (in my eyes), is how much fun they are having, any gear, any condition, if you are on the mountain shredding and smiling then you are part of the snowboarder family.