Summer Tunes Get Ready For Next Season Now

Summer Tunes Get Ready For Next Season Now

Summer Tunes.

Alright seasons over, and unless your trying to cross hemispheres this year it’s time to throw that board in the garage for a few months right… NO Jerry you're wrong, there's still some work to be done to make sure your board stays healthy and is ready to ride

next season.Below is a list of steps you want to take this offseason and then some extras for those board hypochondriacs.

  1. Get’r clean: All those late season springtime laps can do a number on your board, sticks, dirt, beer etc. has all been partying with your base for about a month now and the first this your gonna wanna do is get all that out, get some good base cleaner and soft brush and get to scrubbing.
  2. Check those edges for rust and burrs: If your edges look a little worked you might wanna take a stone or sharpening tool to it, or hand it into your local shop and let them take care of it.
  3. Time to get that summer wax, this is something all snowboard shops should be able to handle, but if you have your own iron go ahead and spread some all temp or cold weather wax. Leave that thick layer on, It will preserve your board over the summer and next season all you'll have to do is scrape and you'll be ready to shred.
  4. Now to store your board. Garages in the summer are a boards worst nightmare, keep your board somewhere shielded from the sun as well as somewhere where the temperature doesn't fluctuate too much. The best tool for this is a board bag.
  5. There are a few extra things you can do to preserve your ride the longest. Don’t store anything on top of your board if it is laying flat on its base, this could change the shape and flex of the camber zones in your board. You can also store your bindings separate from your board to prevent any stress on the inserts. Rarely does it happen but we have seen enough rust develop in the screws and inserts to do a little mild damage to the threads. Sometimes making it impossible to get the bindings off. Let that stuff dry out.

These are the steps we take with our own gear and there are a ton of products that can help make this faster or easier so make sure to check out to see what kind of tools we got for you.

If you want to make this easier for yourself just bring your gear down to the shop and ask for a Summer Tune. We will get everything dialed in for you and when next season rolls around all we have to do is scrape the wax off. A 5 minute job. Then you are not waiting a few days to a week or more to get your board back and miss the sweet first turns.


Boardmart Staff