The Big Melt. What's Next

The Big Melt. What's Next


It’s a part of nature, seasons change and we can’t control that. Because if snowboarders could control nature, summer wouldn't exist, and every day we would wake up to a bluebird pow day, whatever. Bottom line we all have to get over the season ending and instead of crying about the lifts stopping and the rocks showing up at your backcountry spot I'm going to give you a few ideas on how to avoid summer depression.

  1. Go Skate
Is there a better way to retain your balance than jumping onto another board? All you park rats go head to the skatepark and get buck, and the old carver dude ripping a 170 can go grab a longboard and head to the hills or trails, either way you're getting some boarding in while waiting for that snow to start falling. Added plus is when you fall on concrete it hurts more than snow, maybe it'll toughen you up a bit.

  1. Mountain biking

When all that slush is gone trade that board out for a bike and keep flying down hills, some ski resorts operate their lifts in the summer as well for this reason. NorCal as well is home to a large community of riders and holds miles of trails to explore. Speed and adventure are two pillars of what makes snowboarding awesome and this sport offers both.

  1. Get Wet

Summer heat can be a killer, especially if you live near where we are located and the temperatures regularly exceed 110 degrees. So if your like us and you wanna stay on board, make friends with lake people, wakeboarding for those who want to get wild, or wakesurfing for those cruisers who wanna keep it mellow. And if you're lucky enough to live by a beach, getting up and surfing early in the morning is one of the few rare experiences comparable to getting that first chair on a pow day.

  1. Go Climbing

So going up instead of down might sound a little funky but hear me out. Chances are if you love snowboarding then you probably really dig the mountains as well. Rock climbing is a great way to get yourself outdoors and in the mountains, depending on where you live there could be gyms or crags with a community of stoked climbers waiting for you to get weird on the rocks. Not to mention if your a gear geek when it comes to snowboards, you'll feel right at home nerding out on with climbing equipment.

  1. Buy More Snow Gear

This is the season for swapping gear, everyone is either getting rid of their gear online or looking for cheap deals so act quick, you never know what kind of gems you can find on craigslist. Stores are making room for next years boards so check that online clearance stock. If you're reading this then your probably a click or two away from buying that perfect new board for a fraction of its retail price so stop reading this and check out what we got at



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